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License plates

On vacation, I saw many license plates from other countries. Each country has its requirements and laws for license plates.


The text is in black letters and numbers on a white background. The common design includes a blue section on the left with the EU Circle of Stars and Country Code (A), like other EU vehicle registration plates.

On the top and bottom, there are red-white-red tri-bands, the national colors of Austria.
SZ — code of town, Salzburg

The green license plates belong to electric car


The distinctive feature of German license plates is the use of a special font and umlauts. As well as the use of land stickers and technical inspection stickers, which are attached directly to the registration plate.

Modern German plates use a typeface called FE-Schrift Its monospaced letters and numbers are slightly disproportionate to avoid fakes and to improve machine readability. The font looks very cool.

See, how different license plates from Italy and Germany

the Netherlands

The text is in black plastic letters and numbers on a yellow background.

Nowadays the letters used do not include vowels, to avoid profane or obscene language. To avoid confusion with a zero, the letters C and Q are also omitted and letters M and W are not used because they are too wide.


The license plates are invalid without hologram stickers placed on the license plates.

Poland allows custom plates


Used standard latin alphabet  — 24 letters, excluding Q, W and Slovak letters such as Š. Germany solved the wide-letters problem makes own font. Why not do the same?